I am a multi-disciplined creative director working mainly in branding and advertising. From an art & design background, with an obsession for photography, moving image and music. I believe in big ideas and authentic story-telling to create work with purpose and meaning. Experience across a range of sectors including Fintech, FMCG, Pharma, Healthcare, Food and Beverage, Alcoholic Beverage, B2B, Legal, Retail, Luxury and Property. BA in Visual Art & Design and an MA in Design specialising in Dynamic Branding.

I used to love grabbing my parents Instamatics or 110mm film cameras in the 80s to snap a few shots, but it was always something out of my reach as a hobby. Then, when I was 13, I found a 35mm Pentax K1000 SLR in a park. From that moment on I was fascinated with the capturing of images.

Imagery forms a huge part of my job, both still and moving. So understanding how to see, compose, light, create, capture and edit and being able to do it is my quest.

All the cameras I have used on my journey!

I started thinking about the cameras I have had in my life, and thought, it would be cool to show them!


Probably my favourite type of photography, I think the attraction is just being out in nature, the adventure of being the explorer, it's definitely a bigger experience because it is not just about the photography, it is about being at one with your nature and for me, trying to see the landscape in a different way and capture it.
The ability to design, build and create the shot with the utmost control over layout, light and shadow really appeals to the deepest parts of my creative soul. This is why I love still life photography.
I love to capture people, in as natural a setting as possible. I prefer the candid approach rather than the studio portrait photography, but in both cases, it is important to capture an essence of the person's character, something that the viewer can relate to.
Always a natural progression for me from stills to moving image, and so much still to learn, but I think I enjoy creating a video more than a photograph. A video obviously stimulates the senses a lot more, and I am lucky enough to have done both stills and moving image for clients.

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